Cooking with Kam:Jollof Rice with Chicken

Hey People, Great people need good food. I have had some great food in my lifetime(so far) and I know Jollof rice is one of the best nigerian dishes ever created so cheers! to the person who made it and I mean Nigerian Jollof, no offence to my other african brothers and sisters but I… Continue reading Cooking with Kam:Jollof Rice with Chicken


My Week Day Morning Routine

Good morning guys! We have just had a big wake up call from having months of bed freedom whilst my mother inlaw stayed with us (our 10 month old daughter now insists on sleeping in between my husband and I - pure joy!!!) so I worked out a schedule/routine that has been working for us.… Continue reading My Week Day Morning Routine


GIVEAWAY! – Essential Items to have in your Wardrobe this Season

Hi there! Here is my top 10 lists essential items a woman needs this season (Spring/Summer) Plus Giveaway! Blue ripped jeans - Can be bought here, there and everywhere, get this particular pair here V neck T-shirts - This T-shirt is from Zara Waterfall jackets - Primizzle all day but similar can be found here … Continue reading GIVEAWAY! – Essential Items to have in your Wardrobe this Season


Avia’s Dedication 

Hey, Last Sunday my daughter Avia Amarachi was dedicated in church. We had family and friends support us at church and a light refreshment/party at ours afterwards. It was great! Memories like this are always great to look back at. I wore a Quiz Bardot skater dress and best believe I rocked it! Avi was… Continue reading Avia’s Dedication 


Kam’s Top Ten Ways to Motivate and Prioritise in Your Life

Hi Guys, Do you ever feel like your life is just all over the place?  Not motivated enough to concentrate and finalise one thing at a time but have so much things you wish to tick off your list? That has been me for a couple of months now! I am no expert as I… Continue reading Kam’s Top Ten Ways to Motivate and Prioritise in Your Life


DIY Fur Heeled Sandals 

Good morning people and Happy Easter! 🙂 I'm back with another not your every day DIY! Something I have been wanting to try out have been these heeled fur sandals and I have actually wanted to buy them but unfortunately haven't had any luck finding my size. I then had this bright idea to do… Continue reading DIY Fur Heeled Sandals 


Expanding my Brood!

Welcome back Guys I know I promised a makeup tutorial video, that is still on the works but I wanted to catch you up on a few things that I have been thinking about. My title is not baby related by the way! Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that has been following since I… Continue reading Expanding my Brood!

Beauty Tips and Makeup

Wake up, Makeup! 

Hi there, Welcome back to my blog! I get questioned a lot about my makeup and though I may not be reaching all my target audience, I thought it may be useful to share beauty products I currently use on this platform. I have added in the shades/colours I use which may not work for… Continue reading Wake up, Makeup! 


Mink Pink 

Hi guys Sorry this post is coming late, as you know it was Mother's Day this past Sunday and so it was a pretty busy weekend so didn't get a chance to post although I had content. So last week I got this baggy pink sweater from the Next Sale and so rocked it the… Continue reading Mink Pink 


Popular Trends 

Hi guys, Hope you are having a lovely Saturday? Don't you just love the weekend? Anyways today I'm talking about what trends are popular right now to me. Im going to scale them 1 to 5, 1 being the highest. 1. Wigs - wigs are so in right now. And if you play your cards… Continue reading Popular Trends 


Old Kent Road

Hey guys, Last weekend was my sister's birthday. She turned a year older and we went to celebrate at 805 restaurant in Old Kent Road, Peckham. The food was good (though quite pricey), the people were great, we even took the baby along (which was major disaster in the end but that is a story… Continue reading Old Kent Road



Hey guys Did you know that it is "illegal" (I say this loosely as it may not even be in the constitution) in nigeria to wear anything camouflage as a civilian? 😳 That's the rule there. I  understand that in a country such as Nigeria, there may be a need to restrict who wears this… Continue reading Kam.O.uflage